Preventative care

A practical and effective health care plan includes regular visits to maintain and improve one's current health and vitality. The essential components of an Integrative Oriental Medicine approach to health cultivation include the following:


  • Regular acupuncture treatment for either simple maintenance of one's current health or to promote one's health further

  • At home use of moxa sticks (a herb shaped into a stick form which is burnt; the heat and herbal fumes are nourishing)

Herbal and Nutritional Support

  • Short and long term use of herbs as appropriate for one's constitution and health presentation

  • Nutrtional supplements to complement the herbs and further promote specific aspects of health

Qigong and Other Health Exercises

  • Natural, gentle and effective body movements that incorporate breath and focused thought; these address an aspect of health (the electrical character of the body) that is presently little considered in standard western care

  • Other health exercises to promote an innate balance with nature and its rhythms (for instance, taking a walk or ride outdoors)

Lifestyle Choices

  • Choices related to one's life activities and purpose can be a major factor in promoting or demoting health

  • A progressive, sensible plan for change in accord with the principles of Oriental Medicine can be very useful in this regard