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Qigong Consultation

A session oriented toward your questions about qigong and energy medicine. Guidelines for practice and detailed instruction included. Learn how to really sense and activate qi for healing, personal growth and spiritual development. The consultation can be used to develop a new qigong practice for you or to tailor your current routine to better fit your current needs whether for health, prosperity or other goals. A great opportunity to learn from a master practitioner!

qigong treatment

Qigong and spiritual healing for any medical condition, personal goal or life situation. Suggested treatment consists of two forty-five minute sessions spaced over a period of two to four weeks. You can receive treatment either in person at the clinic or at a distance so no visit is required. Both forms of healing are part of traditional Chinese qigong therapy and can be very helpful for restoring and improving your health.

qigong consultation

Consultation in clinic or provided as an adjunct service to other health providers and institutions. Qigong consultation includes diagnosis according to the principles of Oriental Medicine and then prescription of at-home qigong exercises tailored for a client's specific ailments or health concerns. 

Introductory and advanced workshops

Information about the heath benefits of regular qigong practice. Workshops tailored for general as well as specific health concerns.

medical treatment in the clinic with qigong


Qigong provides an effective adjunct to acupuncture and other Oriental Medicine techniques. In fact, in some situations, qigong is the preferred treatment modality.