Community acupuncture provides you an affordable and yet still effective way to receive the profound benefits of regular acupuncture care. The amount paid per visit is anywhere from $20 - 50 and at your discretion. A session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. If you need to leave early you can notify the acupuncture physician at the start of the session. 

In this approach, clients remain fully clothed and recline comfortably in a zero-gravity chair during treatment. Therapy occurs in a group setting and there may be several clients receiving treatment at the same time in the same large open space. Lighting is subdued and quiet is encouraged throughout the treatment.

Prior to treatment on your first visit you will consult with the acupuncture physician in private to record pertinent medical history and determine the best treatment plan for your specific requirements. During a session, needles are inserted into precise locations on the legs, arms, hands and ears. The needles are quite small so any slightly initial sensation usually abates and most clients report a general sense of well-being and comfort while they rest with the needles inserted. 

Gentle music played in the background helps to encourage relaxation and, once the needles are placed, your job is simply to relax and perhaps even enjoy a short nap. At the end of the treatment the needles will be removed and you will have a chance to rest for a short while, if you would like, before resuming daily activities.

Regular community acupuncture treatments are especially helpful for overcoming addictions, such as smoking, drinking and overeating. These treatments are also great for stress reduction and thereby help to manage many stress-related diseases and conditions.

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